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Buy Our Motor gates today we will install for free.

Our Motor gates…

Buy our Motor Gate today with free installation. We provide better quality machines for a variety of gates, contact us today…

We provide better quality machines for a variety of gates, feel free to contact our technical team for a better solution that suits your need.

Contact us: [email protected]

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Security Guard Services

Emergency Security Services

Kazungu Security is able to respond immediately to a request for emergency security services by drawing upon our own security force located all over the country . We pioneered the practice of developing contacts and resources among local police, security consultants, law enforcement agencies, investigative firms, and private security companies to build a national service for our clients. We have assembled a network of approximately 600 security officers all trained and evaluated according to our specifications, and poised to respond to client situations across the Tanzania either as part of a coordinated strategy or on an as-needed basis.

Kazungu Security’s security officers are professionally trained and mentored. They must pass a range of background checks; and usually have a law enforcement, military, or private security background. We offer armed security as well as unarmed security. In all cases, our officers are trained in the de-escalation of force, including how to take a non-violent approach using verbal skills to handle violent or potential violent situations.

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