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NGO Security Services

We understand the nature of the work and sensitivities involved in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in often non-permissive, uncertain, hostile or high-risk environments.We offer a variety of security services to help support NGOs and minimize the risk to employees and the organization’s reputation.

Experts in providing NGO security services in high-risk environments

We provide risk advice and security solutions to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and aid projects that operate in high-risk and emerging markets.

Our security services to NGOs include:

  • Risk management and security advice including path-finding and journey management
  • Risk assessments for the countries NGOs operate in, and situation reports that assess the tactical and strategic risks for NGOs considering entering or already operating in volatile countries
  • Risk analysis and reporting services, which range from pre-incident consultancy, to response to a kidnap or extortion event

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Government and Public Sector Security Services

As one of the biggest providers of government and public sector security services, Kazungu Security has the expertise to provide outsourced protection for government properties, infrastructure, and intellectual property. We also provide a wide range of complementary value-added security services.
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Defense Industry Security Services

Defense Industry Security Services

 provides defense industry security services to support government missions in complex, emerging and post-conflict markets. We also help with additional security services to protect operations, facility and maintenance projects.

5 years+ experience in defense industry security services

Kazungu Security has provided defense industry security services. We provide tailored security, risk management, and business solutions in complex and high-threat environments.
This  is a purpose-built operating company, developed with our clients in mind, to provide discreet risk management and security services for all clients. Our team of security and risk professionals deliver flexible, discreet, avoidance-based security services to provide integrated risk management and security services across Tanzania to protect our clients and assets when and where they are needed most.

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Security consultation

Today’s world is full of high security risks with very unpredictable situations. Conflicts, economic instability, terrorism, petty offences and organized crime are examples of security challenges in the modern world. With inclusion of technology that has necessitated a global market as a village, software systems, cultural diversities, cyber-crimes to private sector and governments has increased drastically. We work closely with clients to help mitigate security threats posed by social political instability, corruption, organized crimes, terrorism, as well as unscrupulous special interest pressure groups.

Our competent team of consultants with diverse back ground in different industries, is capable to handle extensive commercial security risks, analyze and advise on complex security issues that arise on a case by case basis. We work closely with our clients to develop practical and cost effective solutions that meet their security needs.

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Cash In Transit

Our approach to cash handling is full cycle service. We deliver logistics, security and eliminate risk that you the client feels completely safe. We have multiple payment streams supported by a comprehensive and auditable, online financial record. We are your point of service for all cash in transit (CIT) needs and you benefit from our expertise and experience. We specialize in payment solutions to any and multiple pre nominated bank accounts including the transfer of value from the cash vault directly to the retailer’s suppliers.

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Asset And Vehicle Tracking

REAL TIME TRACKING. Track the location of your objects (vehicle, person, mobile, bike etc.) online in real-time. Choose from the following maps: Google, Satellite, OSM etc. View additional information about the tracking objects: speed, exact address, petrol consumption, travel history etc. NOTIFICATIONS. Get instant alerts about your tracking object: know when the object enters or exits geo-zone, know if it is speeding and stopovers. Get SOS alarms if it has been stolen as well as turn on/off the engine easily. Get notifications to your iPhone, Android or Windows devices, via email, mobile App or SMS. HISTORY AND REPORTS. Download and review reports in different formats: XLS, PDF, CSV, TXT. Reports include various information by date and GPS tracker name including: driving hours, stopovers, distance traveled, fuel consumption and many more. Detailed and group reports are also available.

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Electric Fence

An electric fence is based on a strong psychological barrier coupled with a weak physical barrier that keeps intruders or farm animals in. Despite the successes achieved around the world, electric fencing still has its detractors. Most people swear by it there are still a few who do not believe it works effectively. The reason for this is simple. Those who understand and apply the basic principles of electric fencing when constructing their electric fences will reap the benefits of electric fencing, while those who do not apply these principles will never get their fence to work effectively. Kazungu Security are the Best Installer and Supplier of electric fence equipment.

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Alarm System

An alarm system is a big deterrent to burglars, one that is linked to a security company that provides monitoring even more so. You do need to ensure you have the right sort of system, or false alarms will be an inevitable, and annoying, part of your life. Although stand-alone systems are available, security should be thought of – and installed – in layers. A suitable alarm should come after you have the basics in place: burglar bars, a secure perimeter fence, solid external doors and strong door and window locks. Then an alarm is a great part of a homeowner’s security. Our expertise in crisis management and contingency planning gives us immediate response capabilities to react to intruders, armed attacks, social unrest, and in-extremis evacuations.

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Cctv Camera

A CCTV System or Closed Circuit Television System is a security system formed from 1 or more CCTV cameras which send or broadcast their own signals to one or more locations. These video pictures from the camera can be viewed in real time or recorded. This means that you will get an choice to look at all of these live and even at a later time. We are premium suppliers of the best technology for your CCTV requirements and provide unrivaled service and support. Our equipment is quality and we demand the highest standards of professionalism.

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