Schools & Collage Security

Schools & Collage Security

The security of schools has become a growing concern due to recent changes in our society including terrorist attacks, gun crime, vandalism, arson, child exploitation and other issues prevalent in our society that put the safety of children, teachers, staff and parents at risk.

In some schools, colleges or other educational institutions intruders can wander in and out of the premises as they please, as the access to buildings is not considered seriously enough within risk assessments. Kazungu Security can help you out to monitor all building access in and out to ensure every person get in the school has been screened to void shortcomes and to keep the school more safer.  We will establish excessive such as metal detectors and bag checking confirmation of ID’s. Other basic measures like surveillance, perimeter and access security are an absolute necessity.

Kazungu Security Services will make sure students and teachers have the right to feel safe and secure with the peace of mind that should a situation arise they have the right security measures and procedures in place to keep themselves and those around them safe. Parents too should feel reassured with the knowledge that when their child attends school, they will be safe in the care of the teachers and the security of the building.

Educational institutions must be able to provide a safe environment for students, teachers and visitors. Kazungu Security offers security solutions specifically designed for the education sector; We work closely with school authorities to design flexible and sustainable security programs that meet the specific security needs of our clients.

Contributing to a safe learning environment

Our security professionals receive special training to work in educational establishments to assure optimal protection from violent attacks, theft and vandalism and to prevent street gangs, drug dealers and other types of lawbreakers from coming into contact with students within their campuses.

Our security services for schools, colleges and universities include:

  • Security guards
  • Mobile patrols and alarm response units
  • Access control
  • Event security and crowd management
  • Specialized training, including terrorist threat awareness
  • Disputes and crisis management

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