Residential security stations

Residential security

Your Life and Assets can be the valuable property within their home or apartment, or perhaps the most valuable property of all – their family. Given those considerations and the importance of protecting those assets, the residual risk equation of R = T x A x V (where is risk, is threat, is asset and is vulnerability) the threat (likelihood of a break-in in your neighborhood) is almost irrelevant as the asset is so important to you that you cannot accept any vulnerability and some sort of security countermeasure should be put in place. This is not to say that everyone should welcome a door-to-door security salesman into their home and sign the first contract they are presented for a cookie-cutter security system – that is not at all what is recommended in most cases. In fact, given statistical analysis of break-ins across America as well as surveys of incarcerated burglars, the top two deterrents that kept criminals from burglarizing a home were general visibility (to include lighting) and sound (alarms, dogs, etc.) Another strong form of deterrence is a sense of ownership and territorial reinforcement, so in a way, the most inexpensive and unobtrusive piece to your home physical protection system is a proudly displayed flag out front.