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The sharpest looking uniforms and equipment, together with strict personal grooming standards, provide a highly professional appearance to residents and the public. The uniforms are company provided.

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Pay Rates

Highest pay rates in the industry. Officers’ pay rates range not less than 350,000/- Tzs per month, based on experience, length of service, rank, etc. Employment opportunities are available, call our Human Resources Department. We feel that by paying our officers better we get better quality of service from them for our clients…

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CCTV Cameras Installation..

Buy three CCTV Cameras and get an additional camera for free to enjoy a 360

area coverage 24/7 at home and business premises.

Find our latest promotion for home and business premises CCTV, Wireless and wire IP Camera, DVR, NVR, Digital Door Lock, Safe Boxes for home and office, Office Door Access with EM Lock, Padlock, and Security Alarm. All products displayed here are on sale.

Contact us: [email protected]

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Hello world!

Welcome to Kazungu Security.

How can we help you today ?

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Security Guard Services

Emergency Security Services

Kazungu Security is able to respond immediately to a request for emergency security services by drawing upon our own security force located all over the country . We pioneered the practice of developing contacts and resources among local police, security consultants, law enforcement agencies, investigative firms, and private security companies to build a national service for our clients. We have assembled a network of approximately 600 security officers all trained and evaluated according to our specifications, and poised to respond to client situations across the Tanzania either as part of a coordinated strategy or on an as-needed basis.

Kazungu Security’s security officers are professionally trained and mentored. They must pass a range of background checks; and usually have a law enforcement, military, or private security background. We offer armed security as well as unarmed security. In all cases, our officers are trained in the de-escalation of force, including how to take a non-violent approach using verbal skills to handle violent or potential violent situations.

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